Adaptive Learning

MJ’s Music Faculty can create individual lesson plans and a learning environment to suit any student’s special needs. As more and more learning disabilities are diagnosed, we continue to try new techniques to deal with non-typical learning styles.  Although our teachers are not professionally trained specifically to work with ASD students, they are willing to experiment and find ways to bring joyful music making into the life of each student.  *Please note that our teachers with the most experience working with students with ASD are currently very limited.

Having had experience with teaching special needs students for years, including those with Autism, MJ’s Music School owner, Molly Jo Rivelli, became even more passionate when her son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through observation of many hours of ABA therapy for her son, she sought to apply basic ABA behavioral techniques into her music lessons with ASD students. Thrilled with the success she saw, she now trains teachers at MJ’s Music School how to successfully implement these important techniques. These efficient and structured learning techniques can be applied to help those with various disabilities, and even typical learners. All students are able to learn in a nurturing environment.

Beginning with basic musical readiness skills, students also work on the social skills needed for success. We now have many students not only thriving in lessons, but also performing on our various school recitals. With success comes greater self-confidence, better communication skills, and lifelong enjoyment of music.

In addition to creating special-needs lesson plans for private lessons, MJ’s Music School offers after school group workshops, summer programs and camps. Please contact us for more info.

“MJ’s Music School has changed Carly Golden’s life! Carly is incredibly musical because of Molly Jo and her expertise with working with special needs children. I would highly recommend this summer camp. Even if your child has never really expressed an interest in music, check this out. Feel free to spread the word if you know of other special needs kids in the area.”

~Peg McFeeley Golden,
Broadway Producer, Mother of daughter with Autism